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Let's get nutty! Nuts are the superheroes of all snacks. They are versatile, you can snack on them by themselves, add them to your meals for that extra crunch, or, as our favourite way to eat them, in a scrumptious Go Natural Bar! Not only are nuts delicious, but they’re also packed with many important nutrients to help keep your body healthy and happy. We all know how moorish they are (has anyone ever not gone back for a second handful of cashews?) but remember to enjoy them in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

So, if you’re as nuts for nuts as we are, keep reading to explore some of the scientifically researched health benefits of these little gifts from nature


Nuts are a nutrient-dense food

Nuts offer a plethora of essential nutrients, whilst being relatively low in calories. For instance, a serving of almonds (roughly 23 almonds) contains only 170 calories, but are packed with several vital nutrients like protein, fibre, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, Magnesium, and Potassium. Similarly, a serving of walnuts (roughly 14 walnut halves) contains 185 calories and are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and essential nutrients like Vitamin E, B Vitamins, and minerals such as Magnesium and Phosphorus. If you're looking for a healthy snack that's both delicious and highly nutritious, nuts are the way to go!


Consuming nuts aids in weight management

Looks like we've cracked the code on weight loss - just go nuts! Several studies have revealed that nut intake is directly linked to lower body weight (in comparison to those who do not eat nuts). This is likely due to nuts being high in fibre and protein, helping to keep you feeling full and satisfied. Plus, they're a nutrient powerhouse that won't weigh you down with too many calories. So go nuts for nuts and enjoy a healthier you!

Looking for a guilt-free treat that's powered by nutrients and packed with flavour? Look no further than our Nut Delight Bar! Packed with a combination of protein-rich nuts such as peanuts, almonds walnuts, seeds, honey and whole grains, this bar is a nut lover's dream. With low sodium and no artificial sweeteners, you can snack with the confidence that this bar will sustain your energy and keep you well-nourished.


Eating a handful of nuts each day helps to improve your heart health

Want to keep your heart healthy and happy? Nuts are packed with good fats, antioxidants, and other nutrients that have been scientifically proven to help reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Eating a handful of nuts on a regular basis could lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and even inflammation. Just remember, eat nuts in moderation to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and try to choose the unsalted variety for the best results!


Eating nuts helps to reduce the risk of developing diabetes

Eating a handful of unsalted nuts can help keep your blood sugar levels in check and even reduce the risk of developing diabetes. So don't be shy - get snacking on those delicious, heart-healthy delights! Your body (and taste buds) will be sure to thank you! As always, remember to consume nuts in moderation and opt for unsalted varieties to limit salt intake.


Nuts help improve brain function

If you want to keep your brain sharp, forget about studying for hours - just grab a handful of nuts! Walnuts are especially great because they're packed with nutrients that can help improve your brain function and helps reduce the risk of cognitive decline due to their content of nutrients like vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. However, further research is needed to confirm these potential benefits and determine the most beneficial intake of nuts for brain health.

Are you one to let a busy schedule keep you from getting the nutrients your body needs? Fear not, our Almond Cashew Energy Bar is here to save the day. Packed with protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs from all-natural ingredients like nuts, seeds, and whole grains, this tasty bar will have you energized and focused all day long. So go ahead - seize the day without fear of running out of energy!


Nuts have anti-inflammatory effects

Who knew?! Nuts are crunchy, delicious and can even help fight inflammation! Nuts (specifically walnuts and almonds) have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects from their various nutrients and plant compounds. Reducing inflammation in the body is crucial, as inflammation is a key factor in the development of many chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.


In a nutshell…

In a nutshell, nuts are a nutrient-rich food with numerous health benefits. They're packed with all the good stuff like fibre, protein, and healthy fats - plus they even have some bonus benefits. Eating a variety of nuts can help you manage your weight, protect your heart, lower diabetes risk, and reduce inflammation. In other words: nuts are nutritionally awesome! So go ahead and make them a regular part of your diet to get the most out of these tasty little treats.

Tired of the same old boring snacks? Get ready for a serious upgrade! Our Nut Bars & Bites are here to give you that quick pick-me-up, satisfy those cravings, and leave you wanting more. Whether you're looking for an afternoon snack on the go, picking up the kids or just needing something delicious to munch on - these tasty treats will be with you wherever life takes you. So don't wait - grab some now and let the snacking begin!

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