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5 reasons to work out that have nothing to do with weight-loss

5 reasons to work out that have nothing to do with weight-loss
5 reasons to work out that have nothing to do with weight-loss

We all know that exercise can help with weight-loss and muscle-toning, but have you ever thought of the other benefits that may occur when you sweat it out? To put it simply, adding consistent workouts (of any kind!) into your daily routine can truly revolutionise your overall wellness.

Here are just some of the incredible, rejuvenating benefits you'll reap from physical fitness:

1. Sleep better

When you think about it, most of us didn’t have any troubles falling asleep when we were kids. Childhood is filled with lots of physical activity and outdoor time that burns up energy and makes little bodies feel exhausted. The good thing is that the same goes for adulthood—the more you move during the day, the easier sleep will come to you at night.

What’s more? When you get enough sleep (about eight hours a night), your body can function at its best and you’ll be more likely to perform better during exercise the next day. Not a bad cycle to be a part of hey!

2. Boost your mood, happiness and relieve stress:

When it comes to the mind, exercise is like a care package of feel-good endorphins and has been prescribed to help relieve stress, feel relaxed, and feel happier!

How? Exercise keeps the brain occupied and keeps the stress hormone cortisol in check, which can lower symptoms of anxiety and restlessness. After a rough day at work or before a big exam or interview, even just a walk around the block can ease nerves. Better yet, if you round up some friends to join you, you can enjoy the perks of physical activity and the joy of social connection all at the same time.

3. Get better skin:

If there’s something people always want to improve, it’s their skin. Exercise might just be the answer to having a flawless and healthy complexion! (How on earth!?) The increased blood flow from your healthy heart will help "flush cellular debris" and can even clear up acne and eczema. The relieved stress should help give your visage a nice glow, too.

4. Eat better:

When you make positive choices, such as choosing to move your body, it naturally leads to better decisions about what and how much you eat. If you’ve just endured a 5km run, a flow yoga class or a hard-core weights session, you’re much more likely to listen to what your body requires rather than giving in to unhealthy temptations. Most people want their physical activity to count, which means following up exercise with a nutritious meal or snack.

5. Get social and make friends

On a very basic level, physical exercise can boost self-esteem and improve positive self-image. As self-esteem improves, so does your confidence, not just in yourself but also in your ability to socialise with others.

If you start running down the same path every day or routinely go to the same fitness classes, you’ll eventually start to see the same faces. Saying “hello” during your warm-up or cool-down is an easy way to start conversation with others and to make friends. Having friends with similar interests is a good way to stay motivated to work towards achieving your exercise goals. 

So… Next time you are having trouble dragging yourself to the gym or getting yourself to complete a home workout, remember this list. Thinking about all the ways exercise can benefit your life can make you more likely to turn exercise into a habit.

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