It’s that delightful time of the year again when our agendas are full to the brim with festivities such as: work lunches, BBQ’s, drinks, parties, cooking your all-time favourite family recipes, and of course eating all the food you create!

While party season is a joyous time spent with family, friends and work colleagues, too much indulging can be hazardous for your health.

Fear not! Staying healthy during the silly season (and any time of the year, really) is achievable. All it takes is some simple planning while keeping your health as the focus. As the age old saying states: failing to plan is planning to fail.  

Here are four of our favourite survival tips to keep you feeling healthy this silly season:

1. Fill up on proteins and veggies at main course so that you don’t feel the urge to go crazy on the pud

Once the festive season kicks in, it’s all too easy to forget about the healthy routine you’ve stuck to for the better part of the year, especially when you have a few drinks! Keep sugar cravings at bay by filling up first on proteins as they keep you fuller for longer (we suggest reaching for lean meats, eggs or tofu). Vegetables are another great go-to, as they are high in healthy nutrients, fibre, and are generally low in sugar. Fill up on leafy greens, crisp fresh salads or for a little treat include roasted pumpkin or sweet potato. If you’re still hungry or a little curious about the dessert, grab a small serving and stick to the 3 mouthfuls only rule.

2. Take the party outdoors

If your finding it hard to stick to your daily exercise routine, the secret is to keep moving whenever you can – even if it’s at the party. Why not take the party up a notch with a fun game of sport such as tennis or backyard cricket. Not only will you raise your heart rate you’ll be distracted from consuming unnecessary drinks or party food. What a score!

3. Offer to take a plate of food

If you are visiting friends for lunch or dinner, or going to your family's Christmas celebrations, offer to take a plate. Not only will you feel great for contributing but you’ll be assured that there’s something healthy to choose from. Creating a large, delicious salad with all your favourite veggies or a big bowl of fresh fruit salad ensures that there is always a healthy option.

Plus, don’t feel silly for being that person who makes friends with salad, your friends and family will all secretly thank you for being the responsible one!

4. When you go to fill up your glass, alternate wine with water

Alcohol is laden with liquid calories and sugar, which is so annoying because they don’t fill you up like food! A nifty trick is to swap out that next glass of wine or bubbles with a water or sparkling mineral water in the same glass. That way you and everyone else at the party will think you’re still chugging on your favourite alcoholic beverage, jokes on them!

The biggest trick of all is to have fun and indulge in moderation with a plan of attack - Happy Silly Season!