Do you love getting your DIY on at Christmas time? Well, so do we. We also love making it as easy as possible, which is why we have come up with 3 healthier (incredibly delicious) creations for you to share with your loved ones this Christmas. It’s always reassuring to know there’ll be something that tastes naughty but is oh so nice for your waistline at your Christmas gathering this year.

Check out the recipes below:

1. RAW Bar Christmas Puddings with Almond Butter Icing

As suggested in the name, these puddings are made from 100% raw ingredients - nuts, fruit and cacao.. that's it! Although they are healthy, don’t let that deceive you. These delicious puddings are 100% delicious and 110% easy to make. Top with your favourite nut butter for a healthy icing alternative. 


1. Place Go Natural RAW bar in the microwave for 10sec (or until soft)
2. Roll into bite sized balls
3. Drizzle balls with almond butter
4. Put the cherry (or in this case a cranberry) on top!

2. RAW Christmas Cookies

Looking for a healthy alternative to gingerbread cookies that still tastes great? Why not use your cookie cutters on your Go Natural RAW bar to create fun Christmas shapes that the whole family will enjoy. Mix it up with our 3 available flavours:

  • Activated Almonds and Raspberry

  • Cherry Coconut

  • Macadamia Chia

Which one will be your favourite?

*TIP: Place the left-over RAW ‘dough’ in the microwave for 10 seconds (or until soft), and knead into a ball. Roll the dough with a rolling pin until flat, and keep on cutting!

3. Macadamia Nougat

Nuts about Nougat? Our macadamia dream bars are a perfect nutty-alternative to this classic Christmas candy. Made from luxurious Australian-grown macadamias that have been lightly roasted and smothered in creamy yoghurt; we recommend cutting each bar up into 10 bite-sized pieces for THE perfect post- Chrissy dinner treat.