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Is Go Natural Australian made and owned?

Go Natural is a 100% Australian family owned business that has been operating for over 25 years. The majority of our products are made in Melbourne from local and imported products. We choose to use Australian grown ingredients where possible including peanuts, macadamias, almonds and honey proudly supporting Australian farmers.

Are Go Natural products good value?

Go Natural loves delivering snacks made from simple, whole foods to consumers at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on making snacks that contain a higher percentage of the key ingredients compared with other brands, which means more nutrition and more benefits to you with great taste. The price of a Go Natural snack bar packed with all its goodness is similar to that of a popular confectionery bar - great value for money!

Where does Go Natural source dairy ingredients from?

Go Natural has sought assurances from all of our dairy and yoghurt suppliers regarding the saftey of our ingredients. As we source all of our dairy ingredients from Australia and to some extent New Zealand, our snacks are produced to the highest standards and we assure your safety at all times. We are proudly Australian made and owned and support the local industries for many reasons - food safety and quality being the most important.

Are the Go Natural Frugo centres made from real fruit or fruit concentrate?

The fruit found in the Go Natural Frugo's consists of 35% concentrated fruit. The fruit is concentrated to approximately seven times its original strength and is purely dried or concentrated fruit - it does NOT possess added sugars or other ingredients. This excludes the apricot centres however as sulphur dioxide is present as a preservative.

The fruit centres constitute approximately one third by weight of the finished yoghurt coated fruit pieces. As a result we claim the fruit content is 11% of the total product. Therefore in a 30g serve, 3.5g is concentrated fruit. Considering this is concentrated, the equivalent single-strength amount of fruit in one serve is about 25g – this could be equated to fresh apple or fresh apricot.

What is the origin of the emulsfiers used in the Go Natural products?

The emulsifiers used in Go Natural products are derived from vegetable materials such as glycerin.

What is humectant?

Humectant is glycerine and it is derived from vegetable materials - no animal product is concerned. It is present to maintain moisture in products to prevent dryness.

Why is shellac used in the 100% Fruit?

Shellac is a component of the non-stick agent that we need to use to ensure the product can be packaged efficiently. It also makes the product less sticky. Shellac is a natural ingredient produced by the Lac beetle, like beeswax is produced by bees. Almost all confectionery products use a non-stick or glazing agent containing shellac. We haven’t found anything that works as efficiently as shellac based glazing agents.

What are Go Natural's environmental and sourcing policies?

At Go Natural we are taking very real steps to lessen the impact we have as manufacturers and marketers on the environment. All Go Natural products are GMO Free.

GM Ingredients

  • We actively avoid the use of GM ingredients
  • We actively avoid derivatives of GM products including oils and
  • We actively avoid products fed on GM stock feed


Palm Oil

Go Natural is an Australian owned family business that always endeavours to live by our ethos of ingredient integrity.  Palm oil is used in our products that have yoghurt, chocolate and carob coatings. Our supply is certified with certificates of supply under the Segregation Supply Chain Model. 

Over the years we have trialled many natural alternatives, unfortunately at the moment there is no commercially or environmentally viable substitute to this ingredient but we continue to search. We understand the concerns regarding Palm Oil and have always had a very strict sourcing policy in place.

Working in cooperation with the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), our supplier is an executive board member of the Organisation Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Their objective is to promote the growth and use of sustainable palm oil that conserves forests and secures livelihoods in developing nations. Our supply is sourced exclusively from established palm plantations in Peninsular Malaysia, not Borneo, Sumatra or Indonesia or those recognised as Orang-utan habitats. To get the facts about sustainable palm oil please go to the WWF – Australia website. www.wwf.org.au


Food Miles

Buying our key ingredients from Australian producers close to our manufacturing plant reduces the food miles of our products.


Office Efficiencies

To save paper our office policy is ‘print only when you need to’. All of our office printers are set to print both sides. We also recycle all office paper and cardboard.

How long will it take to receive my online order?

All online orders are shipped via regular Australia Post. This can take anywhere between 5-10 working days depending on the postal address. If you would like to receive a tracking number to trace your order, please contact us here.