Country of Origin Labelling

You may have seen recently some new logos – such as the ones above - appearing on products in your local supermarket, petrol and convenience stores and independent food retailers. These new ‘Country of Origin’ labels have been brought in by the Australian government to enable consumers to make more informed choices about the food that they buy.

The purpose of the ‘Country of Origin’ labelling scheme is to help identify where a food item is grown, produced, made or packed, and/or the percentage of ingredients in the product that come from Australia.

As of July 1, 2018, you will see Country of Origin labels on all items that fall under the following categories:

Priority and non-priority food

Priority foods have been classified as items that are most valuable for shoppers. Non-priority foods include all products in the following categories:

Priority foods include milk, bread, cereal, cheese, nuts etc. as well as a number of Go Natural products.

What does this mean for Go Natural?

At Go Natural we take pride in sourcing ingredients of integrity so that we can deliver only the highest quality products to our customers.

We endeavour to use Australian ingredients where possible to support Australian businesses and farmers, and manufacture almost all our products here in Australia.

On occasion, due to the nature of Go Natural’s ingredients and their seasonality or unavailability, we do have to look a little further to source our ingredients. This is to ensure that quality is not compromised and Go Natural’s products stay as close to nature as possible.

The labelling changes will take effect over the coming months. As each product is unique in its origins we recommend keeping an eye out on pack for more info!


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