For morning exercisers breakfast also doubles up as recovery from your training session and is a key time for you to recover and refuel the body. This helps you to get fitter, faster and/or stronger from the hard work you’ve just put in. For afternoon exercisers, breakfast is a good time to start your nutrition preparation for any training you have planned for later in the day.

Beyond exercise recovery, eating breakfast also helps you to perform at your best at work or school. Eating breakfast can prevent fatigue and avoid slumps in energy levels over the day. Breakfast eaters often have better levels of concentration over the day. Frequently, people who skip breakfast make up for this meal by over-eating later in the day or grazing on less healthy choices as a ‘quick fix’ for low energy levels which can make it challenging to achieve physique goals.

What makes up an ideal breakfast to perform?  

Quality Carbohydrates for:

Lean protein for:

Assorted fruit or vegetables for:

Nutritious breakfast options

These examples all provide quality carbohydrate, lean protein as well as some fruit or vegetables. There really is no excuse for skipping breakfast with so many nutritious options available, even if you’re on the go. Here are some ideas to get you started:

In a hurry:

Time to sit at the table:

At the café:

- Contribution by Ali Patterson, Australian Sports Dietician -