Nut Bars vs Chocolate Bars. Nutritionally speaking, it's pretty clear who the winner is. From a  taste perspective? We'll let you decide!

1. Lots of snacks are delicious, but snacks with the goodness of nuts will give you longer lasting energy and promote the feeling of being full, so you aren’t reaching for another snack shortly after.


2. Go Natural snacks contain natural goodness! That is, ingredients that are minimally processed and as close to natural as possible, maintaining the health benefits of what nature intended.


3. Nuts are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that chocolate bars don’t have. Each variety of nut has its own unique combination of nutrients.  For example, almonds are high in Vitamin E, brazil nuts are high in selenium and cashews are laden with zinc, to just name a few.


4. Where we can, we use Australian ingredients and Go Natural nut bars are Australian made and owned, so you know you’re always getting the very best.


5. Nuts are packed full of natural protein which takes longer to break down and digest than carbohydrates, in addition to balancing your blood sugars. Protein also helps strengthen your bones, and slow the ageing process while regenerating your muscle fibres.


6. With so many flavour combinations to try (22 to be exact!), Go Natural nut bars bring you plenty of variety, so you’ll never get bored of snacking on wholesome nuts when hunger strikes.


7. Most of our nut bars contain around 3-4 varieties of nuts – providing a wider profile of micronutrients for your brain, heart and overall health. What micronutrients can your chocolate bar deliver?